Infomats was established in 2000 as innovative Consulting and software Solutions Company with the expansion in array of business Solution products. Our mission is to develop the technology for Education industry efficiency and best environment of Solutions growth. Infomats offer e-business solutions to Educational organizations & individual clientele. These services range from developing affordable online business presence and ERP tools for Education & communication purposes. 
Our mission is to enable Educational institutions to excel in an e-powered world by providing a ERP software solution and services. The success of our projects is ensured by dedicated work blended with next generation ideas. Infomats offer a wide range of tools in our Student Management ERP solution to provide cutting edge technology for making day to day Student Management tasks easy and fast.
With a detailed project management and technical methodology allow our consultants to provide ERP solution faster than any other professional services company. Each of our consultants is well versed in our detailed INFOMATIC Student Management System (Electronic educational system) www.infomaticsms.com 
A educational institute management and education delivery automation system. o School Management. Tasks, Reminders, Messages, Discussion Forums. Financial. Dues, charges, payment adjustments, Fines. Academics. Terms, Groups, Datasheets, Time tables, Results, Awards, online learning and testing. Profile management. Personal profile, medical records. Document Mengment Solutions The objective of Infomats set for its clients is wasn’t to buy application software but get it as service. The objective was to improve your Educational institute’s performance without new IT infrastructure and extra IT staff !” 
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